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Hello, if you want to start surfing, you can not miss this great opportunity. In Mundaka Barra Surf we are waiting for you to show you how wonderful this sport is.

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About Mundaka Barra Surf

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The Surf School Mundaka Barra Surf was founded in 2014 with aim of promoting the culture, values and practice of surfing off the coast of Mundaka which has some of the best waves in the world. The (surf) school was founded by local surfers who’ve been practicing the sport since children.

Waves in Mundaka are considered some of the best lefts in the world and it has been the venue of the WSL Billabong Pro Mundaka Championship for years. Our surf instructors have expert knowledge about the local surf conditions that enables them to teach complete beginners, intermediate and expert surfers who want to perfect their technique.

Our Surf School aims to instil the values of surfing in order to maintain and take care of the sport, it’s environment and culture. It’s a privedge and an honour for the instructors do impart this knowledge.

Mundaka Barra Surf Xperiencies

Who is Gaizka San Justo?

Gaizka San Justo has spent his life linked to Mundaka where he has taught some of the best surfers not just in the area but all ver the world. He has graduated through different stages before becoming a professional coach.

He has a whole life linked to Mundaka, where he has learned from the best surfers in the area and the world. He has gone through different stages to become a technical coach.

Gaizka has surfed on all different types of waves and continues to develop his skills and knowledge so he can pass them on to those who enroll in his school.

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